Genotype By Environment Interactions And Sexual Selection

Genotype by Environment Interactions and Sexual Selection PDF
Author: John Hunt
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Category : Science
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Book Description:
Sexual selection is recognized as being responsible for some ofthe most extravagant morphologies and behaviors in the naturalworld, as well as a driver of some of the most rapid evolution.While Charles Darwin’s theory is now a fundamental componentof modern evolutionary biology, the impact ofgenotype-by-environment interactions on sexual selection has thusfar received little attention. This book represents the first comprehensive analysis of therole genotype-by-environment interactions play in sexual selectionand the potential implications that they have for the evolutionaryprocess. The Editors have identified 13 topics that currentlydefine the field and shed light on the impacts of theseinteractions on sexual selection. This includes key topics, such asresolving the lek paradox and how genotype-by-environmentalinteractions can compromise the honesty of sexual signals. Thevolume also outlines key questions that remain unanswered andprovides a comprehensive guide to analyzing genotype-by-environmentinteractions. The mix of theory, empirical studies, and practical instructionsfrom world leading experts make this book a particularly potent anddefinitive guide on the topic. It will be of interest toevolutionary biologists, spanning from genomicists tobehaviorists. “This is a very timely book, covering a topic thatshould change the way we think about sexual selection. Thecontributors are all leaders and the topics should provide guidanceto many PhD projects in the years to come. GEI is increasinglyshown to be important, and it seems likely that it is critical inspecies where sexual selection is operating. This book is likely tohelp revitalize the study of sexual selection.” ProfessorAllen Moore, The University of Georgia “GEIs fascinate evolutionary biologists, but the uniqueconsequences for sexually selected traits have been neglected -until now. This multi-authored book comprehensively explains keytheoretical concepts, handles practical ‘how to’ issuesand uses classic case studies to illustrate the value of studyingGEIs. It is a must read for everyone interested in sexualselection.” Professor Michael Jennions, The AustralianNational University

Poultry Science

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Vol. 5 includes a separately paged special issue, dated June 1926.