Somalia The Untold Story

Somalia   The Untold Story PDF
Author: Judith Gardner
Publisher: CIIR
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 257
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Book Description:
Explores the experiences of women in Somalia and how they have survived the trauma of war.


Somalia PDF
Author: Mohamed Issa Trunji
Category :
Languages : en
Pages : 566
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The Thistle And The Drone

The Thistle and the Drone PDF
Author: Akbar Ahmed
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 424
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Book Description:
In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the United States declared war on terrorism. More than ten years later, the results are decidedly mixed. Here world-renowned author, diplomat, and scholar Akbar Ahmed reveals an important yet largely ignored result of this war: in many nations it has exacerbated the already broken relationship between central governments and the largely rural Muslim tribal societies on the peripheries of both Muslim and non-Muslim nations. The center and the periphery are engaged in a mutually destructive civil war across the globe, a conflict that has been intensified by the war on terror. Conflicts between governments and tribal societies predate the war on terror in many regions, from South Asia to the Middle East to North Africa, pitting those in the centers of power against those who live in the outlying provinces. Akbar Ahmed's unique study demonstrates that this conflict between the center and the periphery has entered a new and dangerous stage with U.S. involvement after 9/11 and the deployment of drones, in the hunt for al Qaeda, threatening the very existence of many tribal societies. American firepower and its vast anti-terror network have turned the war on terror into a global war on tribal Islam. And too often the victims are innocent children at school, women in their homes, workers simply trying to earn a living, and worshipers in their mosques. Battered by military attacks or drone strikes one day and suicide bombers the next, the tribes bemoan, "Every day is like 9/11 for us." In The Thistle and the Drone, the third volume in Ahmed's groundbreaking trilogy examining relations between America and the Muslim world, the author draws on forty case studies representing the global span of Islam to demonstrate how the U.S. has become involved directly or indirectly in each of these societies. The study provides the social and historical context necessary to understand how both central governments and tribal societies have become embroiled in America's war. Beginning with Waziristan and expanding to societies in Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and elsewhere, Ahmed offers a fresh approach to the conflicts studied and presents an unprecedented paradigm for understanding and winning the war on terror. The Thistle and the Drone was the 2013 Foreword Reviews Gold winner for Political Science.

Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here Untold Stories From The Fight Against Muslim Fundamentalism

Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here  Untold Stories from the Fight Against Muslim Fundamentalism PDF
Author: Karima Bennoune
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 384
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Book Description:
With a new afterword. “Compelling, meticulously researched. Should be required reading.”—Washington Post In Lahore, Pakistan, Faizan Peerzada resisted being relegated to a “dark corner” by staging a performing arts festival despite bomb attacks. In Senegal, wheelchair-bound Aissatou Cissé produced a comic book to illustrate the injustices faced by disabled women and girls. In Algeria, publisher Omar Belhouchet and his journalists struggled to put out their paper, El Watan (The Nation), the same night that a 1996 jihadist bombing devastated their offices and killed eighteen of their colleagues. In Afghanistan, Young Women for Change took to the streets of Kabul to denounce sexual harassment, undeterred by threats. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, Abdirizak Bihi organized a Ramadan basketball tournament among Somali refugees to counter the influence of Al Shabaab. From Karachi to Tunis, Kabul to Tehran, across the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and beyond, these trailblazers often risked death to combat the rising tide of fundamentalism within their own countries. But this global community of writers, artists, doctors, musicians, museum curators, lawyers, activists, and educators of Muslim heritage remains largely invisible, lost amid the heated coverage of Islamist terror attacks on one side and abuses perpetrated against suspected terrorists on the other. A veteran of twenty years of human rights research and activism, Karima Bennoune draws on extensive fieldwork and interviews to illuminate the inspiring stories of those who represent one of the best hopes for ending fundamentalist oppression worldwide.

Arabic Edition

                            Arabic edition  PDF
Author: Amir Hejazi
Publisher: Nahdet Misr Publishing House
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : ar
Pages : 432
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Book Description:
يتناول «ستارت أب عربية » قصص نجاح لرواد أعمال شركات ناشئة في منطقة الشرق الأوسط، فقد حقق أبطال هذه القصص نجاحًا مبهرًا في مجالات التكنولوجيا على مستوى العالم حتى صارت شركاتهم من أهم مراكز التكنولوجيا المفعمة بالحركة والنشاط على مستوى العالم، فكانت شركاتهم بمثابة نقطة تحول سريعة في عالم الأعمال بالمنطقة فقد أدت إلى تدفق فرص جديدة لا نهائية للثراء والتأثير الاجتماعي، كل ذلك بما لدى أبطال القصص من رؤية جريئة وإبداع وإصرار. فلم يقتصر رواد الأعمال هؤلاء على الانتصار على التحديات المعتادة لشركات ناشئة في مجال التكنولوجيا بل نجحوا أيضًا في كسر عادات راسخة ومعتقدات قاصرة واجتازوا الخطوط الحمراء وعايشوا بيئات صعبة. إن «ستارت أب عربية » أشبه برحلة شائقة لقارئ شغوف بالتعرف على رواد أعمال طموحين قد يرسمون مستقبل العالم العربي، فقصصهم ليست دروس في عالم الأعمال فقط بل تعد دراسات حالة متعمقة توضح لأي مدى تجتاز التكنولوجيا والإبداع عوائق اجتماعية بالية فتمهد الطريق لمستقبل أفضل.

The Untold Story Of Slavery

The Untold Story Of Slavery PDF
Author: Toleve K. Firmin
Publisher: Djovi Yom Joel Hounakey
Category : Art
Languages : en
Pages : 164
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Book Description:
The Untold Story Of Slavery Showcases the missing part that happened during the Atlantic trade in 15th. It unveils the essential truth that you are not supposed to see in the regular textbooks. Its writer spent more than 10 years to investigate from to tribe to tribe to find the unbreakable facts and sayings.

Isong Urua Adiakod The Untold Story And The Politics Of Bakassi Handover

Author: Prince Kofi Itiat
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
Languages : en
Pages : 338
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Book Description:
This is a story of people sent out of their ancestral land as refugees. So the cover design will show women carrying their babies on the backs, typical of African women, with loads on their heads. Men carrying their loads on their heads. The background has to be a beach, a river bank as they arrive from Bakassi. At the bank of the river are mangrove trees. In the river more people are paddling their boats heading to the same river bank..

Refugee Women

Refugee Women PDF
Author: Leah Bassel
Publisher: Routledge
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 232
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Book Description:
Debates over the headscarf and niqab, so-called ‘sharia-tribunals’, Female Genital Operations and forced marriages have raged in Europe and North America in recent years, raising the question – does accommodating Islam violate women’s rights? The book takes issue with the terms of this debate. It contrasts debates in France over the headscarf and in Canada over religious arbitration with the lived experience of a specific group of Muslim women: Somali refugee women. The challenges these women eloquently describe first-hand demonstrate that the fray over accommodating culture and religion neglects other needs and engenders a democratic deficit. In Refugee Women: Beyond Gender versus Culture, new theoretical perspectives recast both the story told and who tells the tale. By focusing on the politics underlying how these debates are framed and the experiences of women at the heart of these controversies, women are considered first and foremost as democratic agents rather than actors in the ‘culture versus gender’ script. Crucially, the institutions and processes created to address women’s needs are critically assessed from this perspective. Breaking from scholarship that focuses on whether the accommodation of culture and religion harms women, Bassel argues that this debate ignores the realities of the women at its heart. In these debates, Muslim women are constructed as silent victims. Bassel pleads compellingly for a consideration of women in all their complexity, as active participants in democratic life. The book will appeal to students and scholars throughout the social sciences, particularly of sociology, political science and women’s studies.

Life In Exile

Life in Exile PDF
Author: Dekow Diriye Sagar
Publisher: Concierge Publishing
Category : Refugee camps
Languages : en
Pages : 206
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Book Description:
"In this moving memoir, Dekow Diriye Sagar shares his story of growing up in a rural village in Southern Somalia, his terrifying escape of the civil war in the 1990s, and his life in the United States after being resettled. Sagar's story begins in his home village near Bardere, in 1991, at the age of seven years old. In one horrific day, the family lost their home and many loved ones, and began the arduous 15-year journey that ultimately brought him to the United States as a refugee. The war in Somalia claimed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, forced millions of citizens to seek safety and security in refugee camps and to flee into exile. Along the excruciating path to safety and freedom, shelter was a hot cloth tent with no electricity or running water. Life in Exile is a must-read for professionals in areas of healthcare, human services, education, and research. The book is ideal for those pursuing careers in political science, social work, health, education, leadership, and management, as well as for service providers in refugee and immigrant programs. Sagar's journey will deepen your understanding of a refugee's challenges and equip professionals to better serve this population."--Taken from back cover.


Counterstrike PDF
Author: Eric Schmitt
Publisher: Macmillan
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 336
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Book Description:
Inside the Pentagon's secretive and revolutionary new strategy to fight terrorism--and its game-changing effects in the Middle East and at home In the years following the 9/11 attacks, the United States waged a "war on terror" that sought to defeat Al Qaeda through brute force. But it soon became clear that this strategy was not working, and by 2005 the Pentagon began looking for a new way. In Counterstrike, Eric Schmitt and Thom Shanker of The New York Times tell the story of how a group of analysts within the military, at spy agencies, and in law enforcement has fashioned an innovative and effective new strategy to fight terrorism, unbeknownst to most Americans and in sharp contrast to the cowboy slogans that characterized the U.S. government's public posture. Adapting themes from classic Cold War deterrence theory, these strategists have expanded the field of battle in order to disrupt jihadist networks in ever more creative ways. Schmitt and Shanker take readers deep into this theater of war, as ground troops, intelligence operatives, and top executive branch officials have worked together to redefine and restrict the geography available for Al Qaeda to operate in. They also show how these new counterterrorism strategies, adopted under George W. Bush and expanded under Barack Obama, were successfully employed in planning and carrying out the dramatic May 2011 raid in which Osama bin Laden was killed. Filled with startling revelations about how our national security is being managed, Counterstrike will change the way Americans think about the ongoing struggle with violent radical extremism.