Vinegar Into Honey

Vinegar into Honey PDF
Author: Ron Leifer
Publisher: Shambhala
Category : Religion
Languages : en
Pages : 144
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Book Description:
Our desires and our fears are woven into a tangled web of conflicts. We want both to eat dessert and to be thin. We want money but don’t want to work. Anything that threatens our sense of self and its striving for happiness is perceived as a threat to our very lives—the response to which is defensiveness, anger, aggression, and violence.Vinegar into Honey proposes a new paradigm for understanding the relationship between stress, anxiety, anger, and depression. Leifer provides detailed instructions for working with anger and other painful emotions. The process of transforming suffering into equanimity and compassion is central in Buddhist psychology and practice. Each of the steps in Vinegar into Honey reflects views and methods drawn from Buddhist tradition. Leifer’s work holds promise for psychotherapists and their patients individuals seeking to understand and work with their anger and people interested in the interface of Buddhism and"psychotherapy.

The Honey Book

The Honey Book PDF
Author: Emily Thacker
Publisher: James Direct, Inc.
Category : Health
Languages : en
Pages : 188
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Book Description:
Amazing Honey Remedies to relieve arthritis pain, kill germs, heal infection and much more! Each page is packed with healing home remedies and ways to use honey to heal wounds, fight tooth decay, treat burns, fight fatigue, restore energy, ease coughs and even make cancer-fighting drugs more effective. Great recipes too!