Japan And The Culture Of The Four Seasons

Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons PDF
Author: Haruo Shirane
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Category : Literary Criticism
Languages : en
Pages : 336
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Book Description:
"Elegant representations of nature and the four seasons populate a wide range of Japanese genres and media. In Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons, Haruo Shirane shows how, when, and why this practice developed and explicates the richly encoded social, religious, and political meanings of this imagery. Shirane discusses textual, cultivated, material, performative, and gastronomic representations of nature. He reveals how this kind of 'secondary nature,' which flourished in Japan's urban environment, fostered and idealized a sense of harmony with the natural world just at the moment when it began to recede from view. Illuminating the deeper meaning behind Japanese aesthetics and artifacts, Shirane also clarifies the use of natural and seasonal topics as well as the changes in their cultural associations and functions across history, genre, and community over more than a millennium. In this book, the four seasons are revealed to be as much a cultural construction as a reflection of the physical world."--Back cover.

Audience Studies

Audience Studies PDF
Author: Toshie Takahashi
Publisher: Routledge
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 250
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Book Description:
This book theorizes the role of media and ICT in today’s media-rich global environment and introduces a new argument of audience complexity in an accessible and lively fashion. Based on an ethnography of Japanese engagement with media and ICT in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Takahashi offers a non-Western case study of some of the world’s most advanced ICT users. Integrating non-Western and Western traditions in the social sciences, the book presents a productive new framework for understanding the complex, diverse, and dynamic nature of media audiences in the context of globalization and social change brought on by new media and information technologies. A significant contribution to the ‘internationalisation’ of media studies movement now underway, the book will demonstrate (1) the multiple dimensions of audience engagement; (2) the transformation of the notion of uchi (Japanese social groups) in a media-rich environment; and (3) the role of media and ICT in the process of self-creation. The study considers the future of a Japanese society caught in the currents of globalization and contemporary debates of universalism and cultural specificity, while at the same time offering a view of globalization from a Japanese perspective.

Images Of Japan

Images of Japan PDF
Author: Johnny Hymas
Category : Japan
Languages : en
Pages : 22
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Book Description:
This postcard book contains 22 detachable postcards, each depicting the richness of Japanese culture and the vibrancy of Japan's landscape in brilliant color.

The Columbia Anthology Of Modern Japanese Drama

The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Drama PDF
Author: J. Thomas Rimer
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Category : Drama
Languages : en
Pages : 880
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Book Description:
This anthology is the first to survey the full range of modern Japanese drama and make available Japan's best and most representative twentieth- and early-twenty-first-century works in one volume. It opens with a comprehensive introduction to Meiji-period drama and follows with six chronological sections: "The Age of Taisho Drama"; The Tsukiji Little Theater and Its Aftermath"; "Wartime and Postwar Drama"; "The 1960s and Underground Theater"; "The 1980s and Beyond"; and "Popular Theater," providing a complete history of modern Japanese theater for students, scholars, instructors, and dramatists. The collection features a mix of original and previously published translations of works, among them plays by such writers as Masamune Hakucho (The Couple Next Door), Enchi Fumiko (Restless Night in Late Spring), Morimoto Kaoru (A Woman's Life), Abe Kobo (The Man Who Turned into a Stick), Kara Juro (Two Women), Terayama Shuji (Poison Boy), Noda Hideki (Poems for Sale), and Mishima Yukio (The Sardine Seller's Net of Love). Leading translators include Donald Keene, J. Thomas Rimer, M. Cody Poulton, John K. Gillespie, Mari Boyd, and Brian Powell. Each section features an introduction to the developments and character of the period, notes on the plays' productions, and photographs of their stage performances. The volume complements any study of modern Japanese literature and modern drama in China, Korea, or other Asian or contemporary Western nations.

Environmental Ergonomics The Ergonomics Of Human Comfort Health And Performance In The Thermal Environment

Environmental Ergonomics   The Ergonomics of Human Comfort  Health  and Performance in the Thermal Environment PDF
Author: Yutaka Tochihara
Publisher: Elsevier
Category : Technology & Engineering
Languages : en
Pages : 500
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Book Description:
Environmental Ergonomics addresses the problems of maintaining human comfort, activity and health in stressful environments. Its subject areas include thermal environments, illumination, noise and hypo- and hyperbaric environments. The book concentrates fundamentally on the way the thermal environment has affected human comfort, health and performance from the age of cave-dwellings to our age of skyscrapers. This book contains only papers selected from the 10th ICEE held in Japan 23-27 September 2002. The ICEE has been held biannually since 1982, and has firmly established itself as the world’s most distinguished conference in its field, offering the ideal forum for research scientists, medical doctors, engineers, administrators, technicians, healthcare professionals and students to share their work and ideas. Selected papers from the 10th International Conference on Environmental Ergonomics held in Japan, 23-27 September 2002. They have been revised and peer-reviewed. Papers included in this text have been widely recognised as the catalyst for the recent advances witnessed in Environmental Ergonomics in Asia. They strike a balance between academia and industries' views on environmental ergonomics. Add this volume to your copy of the Elsevier Ergonomics Book Series.

Rookies Of The Year

Rookies of the Year PDF
Author: Bob Bloss
Publisher: Temple University Press
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 211
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Book Description:
Profiles of every rookie to win the award, from the storied Jackie Robinson to the short career of Joe Charboneau, to today's current super stars.

The Book Of Tofu

The Book of Tofu PDF
Author: William Shurtleff
Publisher: Soyinfo Center
Category : Cooking (Soybeans)
Languages : en
Pages : 334
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Book Description:
This is the book that started the Tofu Revolution worldwide, beginning in the 1970s. An integrated approach to the subject of one food - history, nutrition, culture. recipes, how to make tofu on a home scale and commercially, recipes, bibliography.

Urban Regeneration

Urban Regeneration PDF
Author: Antoni Remesar
Publisher: Edicions Universitat Barcelona
Category : City planning
Languages : en
Pages : 140
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Book Description: