A Bible Treasury

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Author: Chariot Victor Publishing
Publisher: Chariot Victor Publishing
Category : Religion
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Introduction lt;BR> the Bible is one of the world's bestsellers. Within its covers people from many and varied backgrounds have found inspiration, guidance, comfort, and encouragement throughout the ages. Indeed, numerous images and phrases from the bible have passed into the English language and are a rich part of our heritage. lt;/P> lt;P>The Bible is a treasure house of many different types of literature, written for differing purposes. The passages in this Bible Treasury have been chosen to represent this variety of writings, and are drawn from a number of different translations. Here, from the Authorized Version, is the inspiring Sermon on the Mount from Matthew's gospel; the 23rd Psalm, 'The Lord is My Shepherd'; Saint Luke's account of the birth of Jesus, complete with shepherds and angels; and many others. A number of different translations have been used for other passages, for sometimes a familiar passage can be seen in an entirely new way in a new translation. Each passage has a short introduction to help set the scene, or put the passage in context. lt;/P> lt;P>Although the Bible is one 'book', it is made up of different kinds of smaller books, but taken as a whole, they all tell one great story--of God, who made the world, and of his love for his creation. The Old Testament is the story of God's 'chosen' people, the Israelites. It includes history, laws, poetry, wise sayings and the words of the prophets. The New Testament, written after the time of Jesus, tells of his life, death, and resurrection in the four gospels, and then goes on to show how the first Christians understood the message Jesus had brought and started spreading the 'good news'. The New Testament finishes with John's extraordinary vision of 'a new heaven and a new earth' in the Book of Revelation. lt;/P> lt;P>The Bible is about real people--wise, foolish, wicked, virtuous, faithful, faithful, sad, joyful--there are no bounds to the human experience portrayed here! Their stories give the Bible its timeless appeal. And the one thread which links them all is the theme of God the creator, sustainer, judge and saviour, most completely revealed in Jesus. lt;/P> lt;P>Pope Gregory the Great, who was instrumental in sending Augustine to England with the 'good news' said, 'The Bible is like a wide river in which lambs may splash in the shallows and elephants may swim to their hearts' content.' If you are someone who already enjoys soaking in the vast riches of the Bible's resources, may you find the different translations used here new and stimulating. And if you are familiar with only a few of the passages in this Bible Treasury, may you begin to enjoy more of this greatest of books. lt;font size="1"> lt;/font>

Treasury Of Bible Illustrations

Treasury of Bible Illustrations PDF
Author: Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld
Publisher: Courier Corporation
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Reproduced from a rare volume, 179 imaginative illustrations depict 105 episodes from the Old Testament and 74 scenes from the New Testament, each on a separate page, with chapter, verse, and King James text.